The timber frame erectors.

F.T.C Ltd pride themselves on providing a top quality erecting team.

Our teams have erected 1000’s of units across the length and breadth of the U.K and Europe while accumulating decades of experience allowing them to overcome all unforeseen issues that may arise during construction. We have dedicated timber frame erectors who while ensuring the build is erected safely and professionally also prioritize the customers needs and wants to ensure the end product is exactly what is required even if this involves mid-build alterations.

Our timber frame erectors are also heavily involved in the actual manufacture of the kits we erect. This means they are already familiar with the kits and the way the panels fit together. This also means that while erecting they ensure the kits are constructed to the best possible standards as it is their very own work that will be scrutinized from manufacture to erection.




Glulam structures.

The timber frame erectors that make up our team have also gathered many years of experience in erecting Glulam structures. These range from commercial and industrial builds to bespoke alpine chalets. Fenland timber construction realise the importance in care when working with these materials to ensure the best possible finish. Through the experience of our timber frame erectors these feature pieces are erected with the utmost care and professionalism.


Many of our erectors are involved from the original manufacture of the feature glulam pieces such as exposed glulam trusses. This means they take added care when transporting and fitting as they themselves have the pride of manufacturing them.